Initial Consultation is (Call for Rates) this will cover all work time, phone time, and room blueprint. Our growing professional will do an inspection of the site, go through all of the growing options with you, educate you on everything including room set up, weekly process, and give you a full over view of the process to make sure you are ready. We can work with any budget there is no job to big or small.

On going consulting services are provided at (Call for Rates)

We do everything! Call and ask us about any of the following:

Consulting, Compliance Issues, Disease and Pest Control, hydroponic Systems, Design, Electrical, Discount Hydroponic Equipment, Build, Testing, Training, Curing, Drying, Cloning, Mothering, Plant Sitting, Problem Solving.

Call us 7 days a week from 9am to 9pm Pacific Standard Time (888) 4-GrowSetup (447-6973) for a free quote. Prices vary upon situation. We strive to produce the best work at the most affordable prices.

We accept all major credit cards, checks with a valid form of identification, and cash. All payments are to be made at the end of every work day unless agreed upon differently.

For more details: Sales@GrowSetup.com