About Us

With years of experience in the construction and horticulture industries we have all of the tools and resources to build the top of the line grow room of your dreams. The GrowSetup team is coming from years of experience in the industry and we can help in any part of the business. Whether it's a plant issue, cultivation, dispensing, cloning or getting hydroponic equipment at a great discount from what retailers charge. We have done it all, and now are here to teach you the tips and tricks of the professional! With every project we undertake, we strive to provide the highest level of customer service paired with an excellent finished product to ensure that our customers receive all of the value we have to offer. We believe in the principle that we are only as good as the product our clients are able to produce, which so far, is very good.

Some of the GrowSetup's team members teach at marijuana education seminars across the U.S. We are known as some of the best growers in California. Some of our employees have been growing as hobbyist since a very young age and have been growing commercially for 10 years. Our expertise and demand for perfection has led us to create some of the best cannabis in the world and we are now willing to share our wealth of knowledge and connections in the business with you!